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Viola Organista-The Macabre Carnival

Viola Organista - The Macabre Carnival is the evolution of ASA's Ill-Fated 2016 album "Viola Organista...and Other Impossible Dreams", ASA's 5th studio release.  Due to personal, personnel and life changes - Alice Sweet Alice was almost destroyed, but due to perseverance, passion and determination - completely reformed and evolved into the band it is today.  The songs from the album evolved with us.  The Macabre Carnival is a world that blossomed from our Impossible Dreams - a harder, darker, more intense and driven world we now live in.  Bonus tracks are on the CD and electronic version, Sucker and Smile, part of the story post 2016 and bringing us into the future.  This album is a doorway to our new carnival of dreams which has become a marvelous reality.


Viola Organista TMC Cover.jpg


Liza Jean:  vocals, fortune teller
Scott Martinez: electric & acoustic guitars, bass, BG vocals, bass VI, mellotron, ringmaster
Chris Poje: drums & percussion, Octapad, Daredevil (tracks 1, 3-11)
Bailey Marie Keiling: drums, mime, (track 2)
Ryan Shaddix: electric guitars (tracks 1-9), deadpan
Shadron Dennis: electric guitars, killer klown
Felix Theo Wren: keyboards, violin, BG vocals, magician

Vocalists on Smile:  Eva Jade Landon, Natalya Parish, Derrick Smith, Amy Padilla

All music written and performed by ALICE SWEET ALICE
Vocal composition by Ali Kat — vocal performance by Liza Jean
Lyrics by Ali Kat except tracks 3 & 6 by Ali Kat/Martinez
Recorded at Audio Cave Recording Studio in Kansas City Missouri
~ March 19-22 2016 - October 2017 and Winter 2018 ~
Recorded, Mixed, Engineered and Produced by Scott Martinez
Mastering by Scott Martinez at Audio Cave Recording Studio
Artwork & Layout by 96 Tears - “Smoking Clown” Painted by Kelly Chaney Jack


Rafael Martinez-Rosario, without whom, this album would not have been possible

ALICE SWEET ALICE is sponsored by:
Peavey Electronics, MJC Ironworks, GoGo Tuners, Wedgie Picks, Seymour Duncan
Bartolini Pickups & Electronics, Carmichael Throne, CAD Audio, and SolidGold FX

Special thanks to:  Brian Kline, Kelsey Smith, Dana Shirra, Chris Ohle, Evan J. Thomas, Dominic Boss, Marcus Mccallum, Amber Miller, Jessica Grogan, Alice Wonder, Will Puckett, Johnny Hackett, Justin Cowert, Sydney Josph Lestourgeon, Phyllis Czarlinsky, Mary Czarlinsky, Travis Hicks, Gus Williams, Lauren Hicks, Kenny Czarlinsky, Bill Day, Autumn Elliott, Dee Louis Scott, Jeff Pritchett, Ryan Pritchett, Jacob Schribner, Robert Mag, Mick Kline, Grant Foster, Cassiopaea Love, Mark Saunders, Josh Kolb, Derek Mecca, Kevin Wnek, Stuart Akin, Jeff Allen, Josh Day, Thomas Nelson, Caleb Moulder, Nicolette Paige, Aurora the Husky, Floyd and Delores Dennis, Rock Rage Radio, Midwest Broadcasting, Rock Invasion Radio, Highway Rock Radio, Rockers Underground, Ultimate 365 Radio, AMAdea Records, Jenny Plant and our friends family and loyal fans.  We could not have done this without you!

ASA Patreon:
Twitter: @alicesweetalice

ASA loves our fans and ALWAYS writes back!

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