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Alice Sweet Alice (ASA), on their first true collaborative album with Billy Brown, Scott Martinez, Ron Bales and Ali Kat have composed a wonderful, exotic and powerful album that hearkens of yesteryear and introduces ASA's sonic message to the unforseeable future. This is an album you may have listened to as a young teen, alone in your bedroom with your new album you saved pennies for - perhaps you were an aspiring musician, and picked up your instrument and plunked away the hours of the night as you're absorbed into the dream. MANDALA is an album you can put in your car and lose yourself within on a long drive. It's an album you can sing along with, and move your body along with MANDALA's serpentine rhythms. It's an album you will always keep handy for those times of pain, hardships and gladness. MANDALA is an intoxicating blend of beauty and madness - an album you will cherish always.

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