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Circus Maximus-The Modern Bloodshedding

Alice Sweet Alice's FIRST Concept album!

Circus Maximus - The Modern Bloodshedding is Alice Sweet Alice's seventh studio album, and the band's first concept album. With the growth and expansion of the internet has come a myriad of new experiences.. and not all of them positive. While it's brought with it plenty of good, Circus Maximus details the new horrors and abuses that the power of online anonymity has allowed to flourish. It confronts ugly truths about human behavior and ultimately asks one simple question: have we truly evolved past the days of gladiatorial combat.. or did we simply move to a digital colosseum?

worldwide shipped VINYL



Liza Jean:  lead vocals

Scott Martinez: guitars, bass, BG vocals, bass VI, synths

Theo Wren: keyboards, violin, viola, BG vocals
Chris Poje: drums & percussion (except track 5)

Brian Kline: drums on track 5

Justin Cowart: cello on track 4

All music written and performed by ALICE SWEET ALICE
Lyrics and vocal performance by Liza Jean
Recorded at Audio Cave Recording Studio in Kansas City Missouri

Piano on Unforgivable Sin recorded at Weights and Measures Soundlab KC
Recorded, Mixed, Engineered and Produced by Scott Martinez
Mastering by Alan Douches at West West Side Music
Artwork & Layout by 96 Tears

ALICE SWEET ALICE is sponsored by:
Peavey Electronics, MJC Ironworks, GoGo Tuners, Seymour Duncan
JHS Pedals, Drybell Electronics, CAD Audio, and SolidGold FX

Special thanks to:  Shadron Dennis, Justin Cowart, Brian Kline, Kelsey Smith, Bandwagon Network Radio, AMAdea Records, our friends family and loyal fans.  We could not have done this without you!

ASA Patreon:
Twitter: @alicesweetalice

ASA loves our fans and ALWAYS writes back!

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