Mother Geneva (REMIXES)

Alice Sweet Alice

Mother Geneva




Mother Geneva was originally released on Alice Sweet Alice's "First Light" album in 2008 and was a victim to very early ignorance in the Home Recording field. Alice Sweet Alice performed this song live from 2009 until 2010, but the song never translated well to the real world, despite our efforts. It was always something we wanted to redo, because it - like BLOOD ROSES from the same album - were truly two of the songs on that album which really had potential. Unfortunately, it wasn't to be. Until now. 

This year, with ASA's new lineup, MOTHER GENEVA just clicked and WORKED. This recording is the result. Enjoy.




Human Debris was created in a time of turbulence. It was found in August 2014 Scott's Dad had cancer, so the quartet of Ali Kat, Billy Brown, Scott Martinez and Ron Bales hurriedly recorded a few songs before his departure. During Scott's absence, it was decided that ASA would open the doors for collaboration, and Bales/Brown decided to pursue other projects. When Scott returned from CA, he found Natalya Wren and her fiancé Justin Cowart who collaborated on this song - Wren adding violin and background vocals, and Cowart adding Cello. Wren was later asked to permanently join ASA and the rest is history. 

Despite this song's checkered history and the turbulent times within which recording happened, we think the song really picked up much of what was happening - and ASA turned tragedy into triumph. Hope you agree.




First single with the 2015 lineup of ASA! A new beginning for this 8 year old group, this powerful single is testament to the evolution of this group from a bedroom act to a radio charting entity. 

Chris Poje pounds the drums under Martinez' slithery bass line, while guitarists Ryan Shaddix and Timothy Flanery open up a sonic can of whoop ass. Natlya Wren entices with dramatic keys and the vocals sung by Scott and Ali inspire with the story that is told.


sit with me


Some of us wander from place to place without any possible chance of finding what we are looking for, or that permanent place to be. Some of us have vices which keep us from facing reality, some have been tested to all human endurance and patience, and some simply like to be left alone.


Some call those moves geographic cures, some call it running, and some call it freedom.


"Sit With Me" is the first song of many coming from Alice Sweet Alice's "COLLABORATION SERIES".  It is much different than anything we have ever done, and it is something that we may again never do.


But life is too short to say never.


Remember that.





Three goddesses of vengeance: Tisiphone (avenger of murder), Megaera (the jealous) and Alecto (constant anger). They were also called the Daughters of the Night, but were actally the daughters of Uranus and Gaea. Another name for them is the Erinyes. 
Without mercy, the Furies would punish all crime including the breaking of rules considering all aspects of society. They would strike the offenders with madness and never stopped following criminals. The worst of all crimes were patricide or matricide, and first and foremost, the Furies would punish this kind of crime.


Have you ever known a woman like this?  Meet ours.

Ribbons & Stone

Album Single


Ribbons & Stone is ASA’s 4th studio album, and the second with the band’s lineup of original members Scott Martinez (Bass/Vocals) and Ali Kat (Keyboards/Vocals), with Billy Brown (Drums) and Ron Bales (Guitars) contributing their talents for ASA’s second album in 2 years. Ribbons & Stone is a mixture of the quartet’s talents and influences, which are quite diverse and obscure, and come together beautifully to create something compelling, powerful, unique and unforgettable.

Physical CD


Album Single

Full Circle

Alice Sweet Alice (ASA), on their first true collaborative album with Billy Brown, Scott Martinez, Ron Bales and Ali Kat have composed a wonderful, exotic and powerful album that hearkens of yesteryear and introduces ASA's sonic message to the unforseeable future. This is an album you may have listened to as a young teen, alone in your bedroom with your new album you saved pennies for - perhaps you were an aspiring musician, and picked up your instrument and plunked away the hours of the night as you're absorbed into the dream. MANDALA is an album you can put in your car and lose yourself within on a long drive. It's an album you can sing along with, and move your body along with MANDALA's serpentine rhythms. It's an album you will always keep handy for those times of pain, hardships and gladness. MANDALA is an intoxicating blend of beauty and madness - an album you will cherish always.

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Album Single


Alice Sweet Alice (ASA) release their sophomore album "Moloko & Ultraviolence" on 12 May 2009, a mere 9 months following their debut release "First Light". ASA pull out the stops to unleash a mélange of textures, imagery and an all-out assault on their listener's sonic sensibilities. The stories within are about strange things that happen to strange people, and bizarre circumstances that people face on a daily basis. 
With their new full band lineup, ASA is tighter, more powerful and exciting than ever before. Scott Martinez and Ali Kat are in excellent voice, Jeff Galios pummels the senses with his razorblade guitar licks, and William Xavier, along with John Wooten on drums thunder through this 10 song tour-de-force.

Physical CD


Album Single

Black Land

August 19, 2008 - Alice Sweet Alice's emotionally-charged debut release, "First Light" is released internationally. Alice Sweet Alice takes you on a sweet journey with this 10 song Tour-De-Force, encompassing everything from screaming guitars to gentle orchestras, from earth-shattering sonic landscapes to lovely & honest prose. ASA delivers all this and more on this powerhouse debut release that won't leave you hanging.

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