First single from:
"Circus Maximus-The Modern Bloodshedding"

“Behind the Glass”, the first single from Alice Sweet Alice’s upcoming concept album “Circus Maximus - The Modern Bloodshedding”, is a song about the mystique and mystery provided by the Internet. If we can be anyone we choose to be, what will we choose to show? What we will choose to hide?


What do you keep #behindtheglass?




You see me moving

Hear the click of my heel

You’re infatuated

But honey I’m not real



Just a figment

Just a hope

Just a dreamer

Up in smoke


Rusted shine and silver frames

Perfect silhouettes facing front

You think in fantasy

Like I can give you what you want


You don’t know who I am

You only see what I show

This reflection here

Is the only thing you know




I am not your doll

Your object of desire

I am here for my own reasons

Not to fan your foolish fire


Before you is nothing but that

My perfect imitation

When you look behind the glass

It’s all in your imagination




Do you understand now?

This is what you wanted most

But if you reach out to touch me

You’ll go through me, I’m a ghost




Professor Matthew Jacobson and the KU FMS 480 class of Spring 2019

Savannah Wakefield

Marcus Giesen

Interstate Warehouse and Distribution Center

Amelia Magerl

Isabella Whittaker

Leslie Hunter

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